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15 reasons why I think The Undertaker is possibly the greatest wrestler in WWF/E history?

1. Without Undertaker their would be no Casket, Hell In A Cell, Inferno, Buried Alive, and Boiler Room Brawl Matches (Or not be that famous as it is/was)

2. Without Undertaker Kane would never exist, well at least the character Kane Issac Yankem D.D.S. would never reach success at all!

3. Without Undertaker Mankind would never exist, Dude Love maybe would've and Cactus Jack wrestled before the Undertaker character was made Mankind was or is probably the toughest guy Taker ever faced in WWF and put on great hardcore and brawling action which made Taker look more unstoppable and resilient

4. Undertaker at his age right now could on way better matches than 95% of the current roster in their prime! I mean look at his matches at Wrestlemania 24-28 great matches right there! and half of them were not even the main event! Undertaker was nearly 50 by that time and many say at that age they can't wrestle any more or put on great matches, well Taker in my opinion is one of the few that still can

5. Undertaker and Kane's background story was obviously fake and none of that actually happened but those 2 made it so real, it was probably the best story in the Attitude Era!

6. Without Undertaker Paul Bearer would not even exist! What a great and freaky looking manager he was those 2 were perfect for each other! Paul Bearer is also possibly a main reason for Undertaker's intimidating mind games he would do later with the Randy Orton rivalry

7. There would be no Urn, many say it's just a golden vase with a lid on it but that was the "possession of Undertaker's power" and it worked great and it looked believable!

8. Undertaker's mic skills aren't the level of Rock and Austin but how he talks to intimidate opponents and get the crowd interested is great!

9. Without Undertaker there would be no Ministry Of Darkness, That stable wasn't around for a very long time but how long they were there didn't matter It's what they did as long as they were there the "Crucifixion" of Stone Cold and abducting Stephanie McMahon a few times were just a few of the most infamous moments of the Ministry "The Lord of Darkness" character worked very well for the Deadman

10. The American Badass gimmick was played pretty well! from Mid 200 - Late 2003 it sure was a different side from Taker that we normally saw but it played out very well! and he is also the 1st superstar to ride a motorcycle around the ring

11. Without Undertaker "The Brothers Of Destruction" would've never existed! Those 2 were probably the most dominant team in the WWF at the time and had pretty good Tag Team rivalrys with The Dudleys, Hardys, and The Power Trip (Austin and HHH)

12. Without Undertaker Randy Orton's and John Cena's career might have never gone that great, after Orton lost the World Title to HHH in 2004 Orton never really got that much momentum and creditably back until he went into the rivalry with Undertaker which lasted most of 2005 those 2 had great matches at Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and the Hell In A Cell Match as for John Cena he was in a rivalry with Taker for the Summer of 2003 those 2 had pretty good matches at Vengeance and on Smackdown Cena's toughness and resiliency was pretty much tested at the time with the rivalry with Taker also that's where Cena's heel persona was at his peak in that rivalry

13. Undertakers gimmick is one in a million in my opinion! several people have attempted the "undead" gimmick but Taker plays it so perfect! he shows little to no emotion when he's with his persona many others don't intimidate or act well enough for it!

14. Without Undertaker Wrestlemania wouldn't be as great after Wrestlemania 20 no need for explaining here, just look at his matches and the story of the match from 21-28 (except 22 which was only ok)

15. BONG that sound is probably the most famous sound of all WWE it gets a croawd silent, intimidated, and pumped up!

Many of you after ya'll read this might think I'm a 30 year old late 80's - early 90's WWF fan, but no! I'm a 16 year old boy and this is my opinion so what do you think of these reasons?

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    The Undertaker is the longest serving wrestler currently with the WWE and he has been one of the top-drawing talent for two decades. He is perhaps the only person that can claim to have been a star in the early '90s, a star in the "Attitude Era" and a star in the "PG era". The "Dead Man" character is one of the most successful of all time and Mark Calloway's imposing presence and dark features are perfect for the role. He is also one of the quickest and most athletic big men of all time and his matches with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were works of art.The Undertaker has never really been a speaking character and the Undertaker has never really had a chance to shine on the microphone.

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    4 years ago

    The finest professional wrestler ever is a straight fight between Ric aptitude and Hulk Hogan. Hulk is without doubt the most important celebrity professional wrestling ever created and Flairs influence no longer just throughout his hay day but lengthy after it except now are not able to be denied. Undertaker is a legend of the trade truly but i do not suppose he's the greatest. Even after aptitude and Hogan i will even customarily argue that Shawn Michael's and Bret Hart were better than the Undertaker.

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