MacBook Air or the iPad 3G?

I need to have Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. (Or something like it)

I need to have it wirelessly connect to my printer.

I am going to have to have 3G on it.

I am going to need a lot of space, because I need to download different user manuals for the engines I work on.

It needs to be portable

I would totally get the MacBook Air, but it has no 3G. The iPad has 3G, but you cannot download things from safari, and there are no programs like Word or Excel.


Well, is there anyway or device I can attach to my Air to get 3G on it? I really need 3G.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Mac book air...obvious choice

  • belton
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    4 years ago

    what's a 2G? i understand they have been given distinctive sizes, yet I even have not seen a sparkling version on Air yet. the only element the Air is lacking (for my area) is a 3G cellular community chip. you're limited to connection in wifi aspects. i like the great portability of my Ipad to connect everywhere interior the AT&T community. however the air has plugs for usb enjoying cards and printers, which the Pad does not.

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