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Opinions on this? Easy top answer on offer!?

There is a pretty shy guy I like that knows I like him because long story short I told his friend while a bit tipsy and he told him. He workes in a bar and last night I was out and with my sister, his friend I told I liked him to and a few others. The bar was pretty busy but he came over to our table and picked up my bottle and poured it into my glass for me and went back to the bar. This might sound pretty normal but the bartenders never really do that in Ireland where I live they don't leave the bar it's too busy and there is a girl who is employed to pick up the empty glasses and stuff who was literally standing right next to our table but he still came over. He didn't go over to any other table either just ours. Then when he was leaving his friend said to him in a laughing way "You know the girl employed to do that is in sight Daniel" and he laughed giving him a knowing look and kind of nudged him. He basically was saying that she was standing right next to us and he didn't need to come over because she would have done that. Daniel just smiled awkwardly and returned to the bar. He never comes out and does that or even picks up glasses like I said where I live the bartenders stay behind the bar and there are other people on the floor employed to do that stuff.

Was it just a simple gesture and I should think nothing of it or do you think he come over purposely to do that for me to be nice?

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    It sounds like he has a little crush on you :) take it slow and start spending time alone with him. Set up a little picnic in the woods sometime and invite him on a little hike. Talk and get to know him. If it goes anywhere take everything as he does, slowly more than quickly because he is shy

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