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I don't feel like I'm living in reality?

I feel like I can't just live in reality. I'm constantly thinking about the way I look, how I act, how other people view me. I mean, I can act fine around close friends, sometimes, but I am always feeling this, with or without people. This is really effecting my life. I feel like an awkward weirdo. Is this just low self-esteem or social awkwardness? I just don't feel connected to the world and have no self confidence. I always wish I was different and I am angry and depressed too. I just can't accept myself because I get put down a lot by others. I just hate myself now. It use to not be like this, but I just can't seem to change no matter how hard I try.

I don't even know my own personality. I tend to "copy" what others do because I feel as though my real self is a boring person. I can't even stand for my own opinions because the other person's opinion seems to become mine, and I can't even stop it. I'm just tired of trying to impress everyone because obviously its not working.

I just want to be myself but I can't... I need advice please

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    Try keeping a journal. For one thing, relieving yourself of those thoughts will help clear you mind and relax you, but writing every thought that pops into your head for a half hour or something will help you get to know your personality because I promise you are NOT boring!

    Get into a habit of thrift-shopping. Stores often carry only specific trends, so challenge yourself to buy things you genuinely like, that actually flatter you. Thrifting can help you find your own personal style.

    Get informed. Youth sections in libraries carry a lot of awesome, informational books that are easy to read. Reading enriches you, but also having information on things will help you form your own, educated opinions. Reading novels about other teenagers can give you real perspective. (I highly recommend "I was a Teenage Fairy" by Francesca Lia Block. I reread it all the time because I feel the same way you do, and I find it simply riveting.)

    Make a list of things you like about yourself. It might be short at first, but read it every morning and add at least one thing to it every day. Make it a goal to start becoming things you want to be. There's nothing wrong with shaping your own personality, so if you want to be funny try being funny, etc.

    Also, it sounds lame, but you can wikihow how to be pretty much any way you want (ie. "How to be Funny", "How to be Charming", etc.). Good Luck! :)

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    I think you're just being over self-conscience. Don't worry about what others think of you. I used to be the same way. But finally realized by observing my other friends, that nobody is "normal" and everybody is actually weird in someway or another to everyone else. There is no such thing of "normal" but just everybody's perspective and opinion on how a normal person should be. Don't worry about it, friend. Go out and enjoy life, and be who you are, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

    Hope this helps!

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    You need to find out what you're interested in. Try some new things and get in some school sports or clubs. Once you find a few things delve in. You sound young. I think this FB culture has pushes young people into feeling like they need to be mini celebrities and be super cool. So, take a lot of pressure off yourself. Pursue some interests and you'll find out who you are.

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    I hear ya, I feel the same and I dont know how to answer it .. really but there alot of cool stuff out there so hopefully you can be fine email me if you want.

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    I dont really see the question here xD sorry

    uh, if you know how to phrase it diffrently for I can help, email me at if you can ^^

    best of luck

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