What do you think this means?? i will give the best answer out quickly?

Say you been talking to a girl for a couple of months and you both have mutual feelings and really like each other but just taking things slow and rather not rush things. You aren't officially together, but you both are loyal and been having feelings for each other from November 2011 to June of 2012. Well we all know girls are gonna be a little cautious and think that a guy has other girls or is talking to other girls since thats what they are normally use to. Say you as a guy talk to a few girls just as friends, and she gets jealous by that. She told you that she at first had a guy talk to her and try to get her number but she really into the trying to get to know a guy basis. Then next time you ask her if she is talking to other guys she says yes but nothing serious. Then next time you ask her she says " i text them, i flirt but nothing serious. Then you ask her why are you worried bout these girls?? Then her response is " im not worried bout them, they don't got nothing on me, they don't got nothing on Sarah.. Sarah is the girls name who i like. What do you think about this... You think she just saying she is talking and flirting to make me jealous?? and what do you think about her rant of her saying" im not worried about those girls part??

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    9 years ago
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    All girls flirt so its okay, and maybe she got a bit insecure and said the 'I'm not worried about those girls' don't worry it's harmless...I should know because I'm a girl :D

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