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Fun things to do with a 2 yr old boy when thunderstorming?

It will be thunderstorming,and when he gets bored he start crying saying he wants grandma. He won't stop. I will ask him to do something and he won't. I know he is only two. Please give me some ideas for him to do. He will have a craylola dry erase board his indoor bike. What are your suggestions?

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  • Max
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    9 years ago

    Make a cubby house/ tent with blankets and the furniture as walls and put pillows in it to sit on. It would be something fun and different and if thunderstorms scare him a bit, it might make him feel safer. If you make the cubby and go in there, I bet he will follow you in (if he is resistant to your ideas, make it obvious that it is fun and see if he decides to go in there too). Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    if u have food dye around and paper towels and cutips u can do some great artwork my two year old loves your put a few drops of dye into each cup and then fill with water then u basically use the cutips as paint brushes and the paper towel as paper and the dye as paint it ends up like tyedye

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Watch a movie,read him a book give him a snack,play hide and seek,I have a 2 year old none of this works but it should but like they say "terrible two's,lol

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