A friend of mine likes golden showers?

My friend and I were harmlessly and jokingly flirting with each other, until it got to the point that we started discussing sex fantasies and fetishes. He admitted that he'd love to get a "Golden Shower".

I was just wondering if there are any health problem associated with this fetish? (Assuming one does not have an STD and is perfectly healthy).

I know feces can carry some nasty diseases, but is urine the same?

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    9 years ago
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    No there's no health risks unless that person has a disease of some kind which will be present in urine. It's a very common fetish and whilst it's not something I'd ever do, strangely I can see the attraction unlike someone taking a dump on you which is so disgusting I really can't imagine why anyone would do it. There are so many harmful bacterial in faeces and of course you've got the smell to contend with.

    Urine is comprised mostly of water, proteins and amino acids so as long as the person is healthy and free from infections it's fine Xx

  • OzNana
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    9 years ago

    Probably not that risky from a health perspective, but it is not something people should do unless they are really comfortable with the other person. Just a bit unusual is all. And messy.

  • Nah its kind of a common thing.

  • 9 years ago

    urine is sterile.

    just saying.

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