What is thought of the Beretta 683 Gold E?

I just recently joined a 4-H trap team. My coach said I was improving excellently, and this being my first year I'm shooting high teens to low twenties out of twenty five. I just turned 15 and my father is looking to buy a new gun for me. I need something that will hold up to all the rounds I will be putting through, put I also need something light. I looked at a Browing at a nearby sporting goods store, and I liked it alot. Although, my father has swayed me some with this berreta. I'm doing some research and would like some opinions from the public. Thoughts???

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    9 years ago
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    I shoot skeet and clays and now shoot a Browning Superposed Pigeon Grade but my previous gun was a Beretta 682 that I liked very much. But, I shoot this particular Browning better than any shotgun I have ever had, and I have had several Brownings, Berettas, and Perazzis.

    Which gun you get is not important as either will do the job and last many thousands of rounds. You are not going to wear out the gun. The important thing is how the gun feels in your hands and whether the gun fits YOU. Gun fit is more important than who made the gun. I shoot my Browning better than I shot the Beretta, but only because the Browning fits me better.

    Whichever gun you get, it would be good to take it to someone who can be sure the gun fits you. Your local gun range will know of a good gun fitter. It is very important that the gun shoot where you are looking.

    Nice to hear of young people getting into shooting sports. With respect to your dad, he is not the one shooting the gun. What does your coach say about it? Maybe take your coach with you to go shop for the new shotgun; leave your dad at home.

    One more thing, look at more then just one example of a particular gun. For example, look at every Beretta 683 Gold E, or Browning, or whatever, in the store. Each one may fit you slightly differently. Also, slight differences in the weight of the wood between individual guns may be noticeable.

    When I am buying a shotgun, my first criteria is how it fits, the second criteria is the quality of the wood. Given a choice between two otherwise identical shotguns, pick the one with the best wood.

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