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Why do people have fetishes?

This is very embarrasing, but I have a colonial fetish. Ever since I saw Roots, I've wanted to be a black slave seduced by her master during colonial times. Why psychologically would I want this?

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    Why? I'm not exactly sure why, I'm pretty sure other people don't either. The only reason that I can think of (having a fetish or two myself) is that the straightforward romantic date plus drinks plus missionary position sex is just kinda tedious to some people. Personally, I don't even like the term fetish because it means that there is some "normal" sex/attraction game/role play. Which I don't buy. Sex is sex and attraction is attraction. Our brains are strange and a little weird sometimes and don't necessarily conform to a cultural ideology.

    And if you think you're weird or embarrassed by it at all, just pick up any romance novel. There are themes galore like what you're interested in.

    The sum total of what I'm getting at is that a) you're not very out there in your fetish, romance novels sometimes go further, b) it's nothing to be embarrassed by, you have your take on the mating game and that's fine and healthy, don't buy into the idea of a normative idea of the mating game, there's nothing normal and everyone has their own variances and peculiarities, it makes it interesting, c) I don't know the physiological conditions that would make someone do this (I doubt anyone can) and I can dream up about a dozen reasons why, usually involving some power relationship, but that doesn't make your fetish invalid, unworthy, or wrong in any way. Just accept it as part of who you are and enjoy it, don't make it into something that you don't like when you clearly do like it.

    Source(s): A reasonably normal person with some fetishes of his own
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    A fetish is A sexual gratification that is mentally necessary for the individal.not everyone has a fetish but this can happen :) it might be a mental distress and is also classified as partialism

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