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How can I start off this paragraph?

I'm writing an essay on how On Hating Piano Lessons by Phyllis Theroux was relatable to me. I'm not done my paragraph yet, but I can't figure out a strong topic sentence... Like "reading this poem allowed to relatable to my own experiences..." something like that. Any ideas?

When I was young, I was a lot like Theroux’s daughter. I took many different lessons and got involved in various activities such as basketball, soccer, swimming, and gymnastics. However, I would quickly lose interest and fall in love with something else, jumping from lesson to lesson until I finally stuck with piano. There were many times I wanted to quit playing the piano, but my mother forced me to keep going. Today I am extremely grateful to her for making be me stick to something at such a young age, because playing the piano has afforded me many useful advantages. It gave me extra credit for future university applications, an enjoyable part time job, and it allowed me to develop self-expression and creativity. Whenever I tell someone that I play piano, the initial response I get is, “I wish I had taken piano lessons when I was younger…” or “I wish my mom forced me to continue piano lessons rather than letting me quit.” Even though I wanted to take up gymnastics like Theroux’s daughter, my mother also agreed with the author when she said, “What my daughter wanted was immaterial”. (Phyliss, 2012).

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    maybe something along the lines of "When I read this it made me think of myself because...."

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