I need a good name for my Web Series I'm filming pretty soon.?

I'm filming a 7 part web series in the next month, and i can't figure out a good name for it. Here is some info about the show. My main inspiration is the Killing on AMC.

- It's a serial crime drama about the murder of a teenager

- each of the 7 episodes cover 2 or 3 days of the investigation

- There are two lead, male detectives

- it also focuses on the effect the murder has on the girls parents

- the girl had a secret life, she was dating a 20 year old former drug dealer, and was going to run away with him.....and she was 7 weeks pregnant

- The show is going to blend modern police procedurals with the old, film noir detective movies form the 40s.....

I can't come up with a name for the series, please help me.

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  • 9 years ago
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    go for a name that is short and mysterious, something that dosn't reveal to much like gone or something (I don't know if that name is used for something already) what about her life as a name, those are just some ideas that popped into my head the first time i read this.

    I hope this helped in some way.

    good luck with the web show

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