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Male Senegal Parrot plucking feathers?

About two or so months ago, our male Senegal Parrot started plucking or chewing his feathers out, basically all over his body - under his wings, his back, tail, and around his feet. We don't know why! He's five years old, and Senegal Parrots usually live til they're 30. He's not depressed, and his diet is normal. But he won't stop! I've had to tell him to stop nearly 2-3 times a minute if he's sitting on my shoulder. We get him out on a regular basis too, and feed and treat him well. There's been virtually no signs of any illness, either. So what could be the reason he's plucking his feathers, and how do I get him to stop? Thank you!

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    There are a multitude of reasons why parrots pluck and not every bird who plucks is unhappy.

    Contrary to popular belief---boredom is not the only cause for plucking. 75% of the time it has a physical origin that causes it to begin, and may continue on as a habit even after the cause is corrected.

    My own timneh grey is a rescue, and she's been plucking for her whole life (13 years) even though she's healthy as far as tests know. The theory is her past abusive home caused her to start, and now its a habit. Her proventriculus is swollen mind you---so this is a contributing factor.

    So first step is to take him to the vet for a complete work up. Take blood tests to check organ function, check for infection, inflammation, malnutrition, hormonal issues, minor injuries, allergies...take x-rays, swabs...everything.

    Second, make sure he gets a drenching bath *EVERY* day. Let him develop and participate in the daily routines with you (eating, sleeping, bathing). Make sure he's got plenty to do and isn't bored. Consider installing UV lighting and humidifiers. Tweak his diet and look into natural foods, supplements and the like.

    Third--stop reacting to it. If he plucks you can innocently *distract him* (rattle the magazine you're reading, turn up the tv, shake your shoulder) but DO NOT let him know it gets your attention or bothers you. He'll start doing it for the drama and reward of your attention even if negative. Once you've distracted him, you can try redirecting him and praising him when he chews a toy or etc instead of plucking. But DO NOT let him think it gets him attention.

    Last, accept that he may never stop. But don't think its a reflection on you or that he's unhappy. Love him regardless.

    Source(s): -mum to a rescued african grey (it took me 7 years to get her to stop plucking at night---I realized she didn't want to sleep alone or in a cage)
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    have you ever quite witnessed him plucking? Or he could be molting. It occurs about 3 circumstances a three hundred and sixty 5 days with particular parrots. They lose a reliable majority of the feathers and regrow them. He could in simple terms be below pressure out it really is comprehensible because he turned right into a rescue. most of the time plucking shows a poultry devoid of interest yet in case you supply him/her interest then i don't comprehend why it can pluck. Any theory why he plucked earlier you followed him? it can help to understand, the habit could were brought about by some thing you do not learn about from earlier he become rescued.

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