Fast file transfer system?

Is there any program that allows for multiple computers to transfer files to each other (directly, not through something like dropbox) when connected to the same network? I need it to work between mac and pc. I cannot use TeamViewer for this. Are there any other programs?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    It really depends upon what you're looking to transfer and why. Is this a manual process or something that you'd like to automate - a backup or business workflow for example?

    If there's a business requirement then there are a number of solutions which might help you to achieve this, but selecting the right one would depend upon the requirement/budget/file sizes as there are so many to look at.

    We supply a range of file transfer solutions, so if its for business/enterprise use please get in touch via the web address below. If its for home usage then I'm afraid none of our offerings are particularly applicable.

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