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What is this song (10 points given to right answer!!)!?

So first of it's not Led Zeppelin or any emo music with screamo in it. It could be a type of rock song (it might be christian rock) and the beginning goes Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Aaaaaaaaaaaaa... it's not yelling, it's like loudly talking, and the pitch goes up and down (but not too wildly). His voice might be a bit raspy (I don't remember) but he sings about not changing and stuff like that, or how he was before.

If you do know the song, but the one about his voice/singing is stopping you, please post it, I really like the song.

It's not rap, or hip-hop, it's Rock. It can be classic or christian rock, but it's not The Who or September.

It's not song by a woman, and the songs (Mc lyte - Lyte As A Rock, Jamie Foxx - Blame It, James Bourne and Leon Thomas - Don't change your mind) are not it, Sorry :(

His voice was a bit raspy, all I remember though is that they might have all sang the Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah song part. (Remember this is the beginning of the song, and they say Aaaaaaaaaaaah twice). Then I don't really remember where, but near the end they repeat the Aaaaaaaaaah twice. It's not like a straight up scream, it's more like AaaAaaaAAAaaah. It goes up and down in pitch.

Also the song is not really that popular, or at least not that I think it is. I tried googling a verse, but another song got stuck in my head while looking for this song and so all my verses are jumbled :(


It's not that song either

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    Man In the Box by Alice in Chains? Lmfao, that's what I think of when you do, "AhhhAhhhhAHHHAhhh"

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