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Along with therapy and counseling, is drug therapy the normal for a person experiencing anxiety and?

manic depression?

After a long time in counseling and drug therapy, a close friend of mine committed suicide last night. He had told his doctors the medicines were having an adverse affect on him so they kept upping the dosage....maybe now he can rest in peace.

Why are these drugs the normal for treatment...this is the second person I have known to have a result end the same. Why are doctors so pre-dispossed to always over treat with drugs.

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    Drug pushing is their main business I'm inclined to think as they always tried to give me, offer them whenever I'd sow up with some complaint. I was on *Zoloft once, & I decided to go off it (**myself,) * just because I was in a mode to be *cleaner in a Holistic way; (*no chemicals in me) (due to studying more health/natural/Vermont Medicine measures, a hobby) *to my own surprise, I felt *150% better, no withdrawal either. Even though (it was the lowest dose, one gets for anxiety) so, that told me/spoke *volumes! As for your question: *therapy is said to be the *best; *but the drugs deal; "I think not"! We must all take on a responsibility for ourselves in the manner of learning more, seeking out advice; & then using the *proper judgments. Health is actually more a choice 8these days w/so much available data around.& accessible..

    Source(s): Don't forget the perks the doctors get is astronomical, cars, money, jewelry, vacations, it's been written up about, shocking, actuallyenough to makeany doctor push that drugs angle, however, I am confident there are a good any who are actually good doctor, yet they feel they are actually helping patients more, one doctor actually, hey if it kills the pain, why not? I was shocked. then that particular medicine was shortly actually recalled, (never took it) but it was proven to cause heart trouble, so see? Don't become their *Guinea pigs! Check with someone who care for you too; as they may just give U/ us all *some insights on any [articular medications first, *if they want you around long anyway. *Others have *similiar cases happen to them as well.
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    don't be too rapid to settle for the bi-polar label. it somewhat is the diagnosis du jour and it gets slapped on people way too rapidly, particularly with the aid of fact it keeps shrinks and pharma agencies rolling in dough. you have countless subjects with your history that are contributing on your modern issues, yet i'd think of a stable talk therapist would want that should assist you variety them out. What you're feeling is fairly widespread and not even that uncommon. you will desire to study to tutor off those tapes on your head that are enjoying your Dad's voice. It looks like he had little or no to assert.

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    Yes that is the norm. But I have found that natural treatments have better results. Also, exercise and diet changes can help. So sorry for your loss.

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