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Dc comic fans to answer?

If they made any of the following movies, which movies u would see?


justice league-dc heros unite to take on alien invasion and protect earth.

teen titans

young justice:project superboy

iron man vs batman

hulk vs superman

Green arrow vs hawkeye

green arrow vs green latern

superman vs batman

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    Justice League

    Green Arrow period.

  • Nightwing - but they have to be careful with this one. It's really hard to pull off a good D. Grayson Nightwing. They have to have a decent cast.

    Justice League

  • 3 years ago

    i don't think of a action picture some villain could justify and make decrease back the thousands and thousands in production costs. Heath Ledger kicked the bucket, so DC Comics and The action picture Studio could have took for a sparkling Joker and that i'm not particular as to how properly the action picture could do.

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    Nightwing. Such an awesome character and it would translate well on screen.NO to all vs movies(trust me there is no way to make them work). SUperboy wouldn't translate to screen well, bur Teen Titans would also be awesome.

    Nerds rock.

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