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I have pacific pioneer insurance. dont i get a 10 period grace day?

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    What type of policy do you have? In Life insurance their is usually a Grace period as long as you are not dead and your heirs are not trying to make a claim. But it depends upon you company and what the States Insurance laws say. In Property and Casualty (home, auto & business) the rules are very different. Each state has laws regarding cancellation for Non-payment as well as Non-payment when renewing. It will depend upon where your policy is written. "Usually" in most states you will get a cancellation notice if you miss a payment mid term and have so many days to make the payment or be canceled. But at Renewal the rule "usually" changes to if the payment is not received on time the policy Lapse's, (no coverage). Call you local Insurance Department and see what they say. Hope this Helps, best of luck.

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  • 8 years ago

    Nope. There's no "grace period". There's no "free insurance when you don't pay your bill".

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