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[英文]請高手幫忙翻譯成中文 贈20點

.1. Tests of the measuring scales

Internal consistency reliability is the accuracy or

precision of a measuring instrument, which is the extent

of uni-dimensionality, i.e. the detailed items (questions)

measure the same thing (Hong & Kim, 2002; Straub, 1989).

The internal consistency reliability was assessed by

calculating Cronbach’s alpha values. The reliability results

of the constructs are summarized in Table 2. The internal

consistency (Cronbach’s alpha) of the construct ranged from

0.7722 (for process fit) to 0.8591 (for efficiency), which

were above the acceptable threshold (0.70) (Nunnally &

Bernstein, 1994).

Content validity of the survey instrument was established

through the adoption of validated instruments by other

researchers in the literature (Straub, 1989). Content validity

means we measure what we are supposed to measure. In

other words, if we aim at a good measure of CRM success

we should be convinced that the measurement instrument

includes the essential features of success (Saarinen, 1996).

With satisfactory content validity established, the measure-

ment items were further tested for consistency, ease of

understanding, and sequential appropriateness by a series of

in-depth interviews with CRM project managers and CRM

operators. Comments on or suggestions about the question

sequence, wording choices, and measures were also

solicited, leading to several minor modifications to the

questionnaire. Subjects who had participated in the pretests

were excluded from the subsequent main study.

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    1.試驗的測量刻度內部一致性可靠性是準確性或精度的測量的儀器,是的程度單向維數,即詳細專案 (問題)測量同一件事 (香港及金,2002 年 ;斯特勞布,1989年)。由內部一致性可靠性評估計算 Cronbach 的 alpha 值。可靠性結果構造列在表 2。內部不等的構造的一致性 (Cronbach 的 alpha)0.7722 (用於過程但是) 到 0.8591 (為限度地優化),其中超過可接受的閾值 (0.70) (娜娜 &伯恩斯坦,1994年)。調查文書的內容效度成立通過驗證的文書其他文學 (施特勞布,1989年) 的研究人員。內容的有效性我們測量我們應該衡量的手段。在中也就是說,如果我們的目標是 CRM 的成功的良好措施我們應該相信,測量儀包括成功 (薩里南,1996年) 的基本功能。與成立,令人滿意的內容效度措施-發專案進行了進一步檢測的一致性,易用性通過一系列的理解,和順序的適當性深入訪談 CRM 專案經理和客戶關係管理營辦商。對意見或問題的幾點建議序列、 措辭選擇和措施也是請求,導致到幾次要 modifications調查問卷。曾參加預的科目已排除了隨後的主要研究。

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