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Is it time to bring equality by brute FORCE?

Is it time to take the wealth, gold and women off of the wealthy white man who laughs at the poverty of all people in America?

Is it time for the WASP's to pay back reparations to Inaians, Blacks and Jews for their years of exploitation and racism? Is it time to make our voices heard? End white supremacy and make america equal?

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    How can you say wealthy white men laugh at poverty when you have so many doing what they do to help? What about Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, the countless number of white people who give their time and money to help others? Do you seriously think only minorities start and finance charities and scholarships? No matter what side of the political coin you are on, someone white in your party is in Washington trying to make the American dream possible for everyone. Do you really feel that in the 1860s slaves could have risen up and gotten themselves freed with no help from anyone with white skin?

    As for reparations, I had family killed while fighting in the Union army. I think a black person owes me for their freedom so reparation that!!!!!

    Seriously, why do I need to pay someone who has never been a slave, never been a victim of a racial crime, and never worked to do anything for themselves because someone I never met and had no control over did something horrible to someone else a long time ago? Thats the same as me saying a black person killed my great great great grandpa so you have to go to jail. And yes, my skin is white but I have Indian and Jewish ancestors. Do I pay myself? And my ancestors where also Irish and brought here as indentured servants which is a sugar coated way of saying slave. Many were segregated, spit-on, abused and beaten, denied their promised freedom, and even killed. Who pays for that? I didnt see Irish or Asian either on your list. You must be a racist.

    Want America equal? Start taking some responsibility for your own life and teach those around you to do the same. Your ancestors had the same chance as the ancestors of Colin Powell, Oprah, Quinton Preemo, & Bob Johnson. The difference between them and the poor PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS living in slums is, they didnt use their color or anything else as an excuse and they didnt let anything stop them. Not everyone is going to make it to the status of Oprah or Warren Buffett but everyone has the opportunity. Not all opportunities are equal. I dont have the same as the girl who has a 196 IQ or the girl whose dad works for MGM but I have a chance, even if I do deal with people every single day who.hate me just because Im white.

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    And how would you go about doing that? More violent protesting? Because that is what brute force usually entails. If your idea of taking back America from the rich, white 1% is through brute force, what kind of message do you think you would be giving them about yourself? No, it is not the time for that, and it never will be. What it is time for is to have people in positions of power who actually care about the lower class (Obama) instead of people only interested in the money in their own pockets (Romney).

    By the way, I am white and a member of the upper middle class, and I completely agree that the 1% is full of horribly stupid, arrogant, and selfish white bastards that don't deserve what they have. But it will be a long time before we have any real power over them.

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    Not rather it is only the conservative occasion that will get a girl to the nearest factor to being a president (high ministers aren't the equal factor) brief lists do not pass wherever close the highest, getting ladies of individual and bearing does.

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    The leader of the country is black... jews don't seem very exploited to me... whoever really runs things behind the scenes, they'd probably love to see us all fighting each other so they could declare martial law and throw away the last of our rights.

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    the best way to solve this issue

    is save enough money to start a new life somewhere else

    Many Americans did this already

    trust me

    America won't ever change

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    lol! now there's an original idea!

    Every kumrad is a little bit of concentrated hate!

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    Advocates of force are the problem not the solution.

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    >Is it time to bring equality by brute FORCE<

    No, but it is time for you to go back into the basement kid.

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