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Being pregnant and being a teenager?

I'm going to be a teen mother. I'm turning 16 in a few months and I'm 3 months pregnant. I live in a 2 bedroom house right now, (my parents) and my room just isint big enough for me and my baby.

My boyfriend has a bigger house, as he has siblings. 4 to be exact. His one older brother has a 7 month old baby he's raising because his fiance got into an accident and passed away. We've been "practicing" on his baby by taking care of him and everything. But my boyfriend had a huge suprise for me yesterday. His dad (he lives with only his dad) gave him the master bedroom which includes a bathroom and walk in closet that fairly big....(his dad moved into his old room)....

Anyways, besides the point. My boyfriends suprise was he converted the walk in closet into the babies room. 

He bought a crib and a changing table that fit perfectly in the closet as well as some supplys we will be needing and there's still extra room. The closet door is off, leaving it a giant walk in room practically.

My question is, has anybody else done this before? And also, should I bring my mom over to see what he's done so I can convince her to let me move in? His dads fine with it. We both have jobs. 

How should I convince her to let me move in? (I can agree to move in closer to my due date.)

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    THe age of consent in your state ? A lot depends on the RAPOUR that your om has with your boyfriend....Factual...There are many a hurdle facing you and the B. Stats are against you because of the age factor. Perhaps your B. is much older than you ??? In that case, the rape issue ??? Your mom has her own reserved thoughts...What to do ??? Take time out to be with your mom...JUST YOU & HER......TALK THINGS OVER...BE REALISTIC....THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.ONCE ALL THE OOHS AND AAHS ARE PAST TENSE AND THE REALITY SETS IN. YOUR MOM WANTS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU ! , ALWAYS !!! Your mental state will change SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much between your present age and by the time you are 21, 25 & 30 ! Sadly, your main duty will now be your main focus THE BABY, YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD...Your wants and desires, put on hold as you slowly engage your mothering skills.No mention of your graduating from high school. Knowledge is power, this day and age, an education is paramount. Communicate, be level headed, what is done is done. This is the present and you must move forward with your decisions. No mention of support from your mom, as grandma ??? A child REQUIRES the love of two parents, hopefully married. Your Dad in the picture ??...Make aends with your mom prior to the delivery. Respect her wishes, but COMMUNICATION is key/paramount. She sees her little girl, underage, not finished high school, teen mom, unmarried, not financially set up/independent, living common law.......All negatives.......Step up to the plate and set her straight as to what YOU WANT OUT OF YOUR LIFE..IT is no longer just about you, but another human life that depends on your ability to be the best that you can possibly be. My personal best to you and the newborn. You are going to need it as the days,months and years ahead will be one of TESTING YOUR STRENGTHS. Hope you have a mi nister, for those days when you truly need to lean on for moral support, if your own family circle does not offer this......In closing, The child is a gift and should be welcomed with open arms. It did not ask to be born.....Communicate, your child like ways, thinking.all past tense.Show your mom what your intentions are for yourself and for the unborn. show her that MATURITY, hopefully surfacing. Best wishes.

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    I don't think is a good idea, not because the closet isn't fit for a baby but because there are too many people already living in that house and that including another 7 month old baby, I can see trouble in the future, I don't see why your bfs dad would give him the master room and not the other son with a 7 month old baby?? I see there are preferences in his dads eyes, That can cause jelousy within the brother and a big problem with the babies, specially when your baby starts moving around. What about your parents? What do they think? You are working now but will you be working when you are further along in the pregnancy and after the baby is born? If so, who will take care of your child? If I were you I would stay in your parents house where your mom can give you all the advise and support she can (If is ok with them) until you are 18, then if you 2 are ready to get married or move in together that will be up to you. but first you need to talk to your parents and ask them what they think then talk to your bf

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    If I were your mother, I would absolutely let you move in with your boyfriend. Space is important, as well is getting used to being a family. You may be young, but it's SO important for you to experience what it's like to be a couple with a newborn.

    I have a 9 month old and I am only 19. I have been living with my boyfriend since I was 17 and things have been great. I am so glad that my mom let me fly the coop when I got pregnant.

    Just make sure you go visit your mom every once in a while...she will miss you ;)

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    A little advice I am now 20 I had my son at 18 & my fiancé & I have lived with my parents since I got pregnant 2 adults & 1 child living in 1 room is very difficult & nor enough room at all we are finally getting our own house next month & can't wait having a master bedroom & the closet for they baby sounds so much better than bein cramped In one room & you will deffinatally want to live together if possible & just sit down with your parents & talk to them & explain that at his house the baby will have its own space & at 16 & pregnant you dont need your parents permission to move out all though it will be nice to have their blessing

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    This all sounds like a great idea. But my only question is are you going to be OK with living with a bunch of men while pregnant/after pregnancy/breast feeding?

    I'm 24, married & pregnant & I have called my mom plenty of times asking her random questions about my body & pregnancy right now. I told my mom once this baby comes I will need her alot (because my husband will be working he doesn't have much vacation days to stay home with us) She even agreed to stay with me for a few days.

    I could never have done this as a teen & for sure not with out my mom.

    I think you need to make your mom feel needed & wanted too!

    P.S better get 2 jobs babies cost alot of money!

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    If you should not have a role, then I believe you will have to get one, I'm considering you do move to prime tuition nonetheless, purpose my brother is 17& he is in prime tuition. The child might not be right here on the planet until nine months or so, so simply paintings and get a few cash, then on the finish while the child comes you will have a few cash to handle your child. & I believe you will have to inform your mother/ dad, grandparents. Sit down with they all and convey your female friend with you, and simply inform them in a quality manner that your female friend goes to have a child. Hope this is helping, and congratulations on having a child! :)

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