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Dead birds and mice in yard. ?

Over the past week we have picked up about three dead birds and two small dead mice. We have a fenced in backyard with three dogs, no cats. This is starting to freak out a little about this from wondering what could e going on.

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    Dogs rarely ever capture birds. Cats on the other hand kill millions of songbirds each year in the United States. They will often capture birds, mice and other prey items and drop them in a cache somewhere and that may be what you found. If the dead creatures are appearing in different locations it could be that there is something toxic such as lawn & garden chemicals in the area. If that's the case, I would protect your dogs from it. Lawn chemicals can be tracked into your own house on dog's feet in concentrations high enough to be absorbed by people, too. Try to convince the user to find safer alternatives!

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    this is a cat's way of contributing to its chosen kinfolk's nutrition grant. Your kitty is asserting that he or she is clever, that he/she would be depended directly to hold abode dinner each so often. With its human companions faraway from the abode all day, blended with the reality that there consistently seems to be extremely some nutrition around, a cat could assume that we people are out "looking" all the time. some cats will take there being a surplus of nutrition as of challenge to be lazy and not "do their area" in offering for the kinfolk. Others, besides the incontrovertible fact that, nonetheless prefer to be useful. as a result them bringing abode mice and birds. Take it as a compliment. Your cat cares approximately you and your loved ones -- this is taken into consideration necessary her or him that one and all your tummies stay fed. :)

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    I suspect your dogs are the culprits because birds and mice don't mess with each other.

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