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Why r there so many sibling actors?


Aly and aj michalka

Elle and dakota fanning

Kay and danielle panabaker

Kate and polly maberly

Olsen twins

Sprouse brothers

Stella and vanessa hudgens

Hilary and haylie duff

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    You're showing your age a little with your examples - no Baldwins or Phoenixes?

    I suppose that very often similar talents run in families - so if one is talented at acting another might be, too.

    I'd suspect that the biggest reason though is that once one sibling gets into the spotlight, it becomes easier for the others to make a name for themselves. There are thousands of aspiring actors, but only a few are lucky enough to be "discovered" or to find a place in the film industry - having the right "connections" or something that makes you stand out from the rest would give you higher chances than the rest.

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    sometimes the industry is looking for siblings like the olsen twins and the sprouse brothers or sometimes one sibling makes it so the other gets a foot in the door elle and dakota fanning or sometimes a role needs two sisters and the successfully sister uses her real sister hilary and haylie duff and the parents pushing their children into it is another reason as well as the parents being actors so their children get a better chance than everyone else.

    Hope I helped.

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    well maybe cause one is famous they help out the other one

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