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Is the confederate flag racist?

I am from Minnesota so when I went down to Arkansas I did see some confederate flags. However, I get that it's supposed to be patriotic, but some confederate people are racist. So does that make the confederate flag racist?

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    No, the KKK wear white sheets, every Oct 31st I see many children walking around with white sheets, some of them are even black, I doubt these children are racist.

    A flag is a piece of cloth, and likenesses of a flag may be reproduced in many formats. None of these can be racist, tell me how a piece of cloth, a jpg file or a metallic placard can be racist. How do these material objects discriminate based on a persons ethnicity?

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    No, an inanimate object can't be racist.

    The typical "Confederate flag," was nothing more than a battle flag, a way to identify the opposing side. It was never flown prior to that. The actual Confederate flag is quite different.

    And, many racists fly the American flag, if that answers your question. Slavery was allowed in the Union states, just as in the South, it was initiated by the Union and the South just followed.

  • Mike W
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    It's just a flag, whether it's racist is a matter of perception. It's not even the real flag of the Confederate States of America, it's a cross between a Confederate Battle Flag and the Confederate Navy Jack.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Flags can't be racist--only people and ideas can be racist. While a flag can represent an idea, the Confederate flag obviously represents the Confederacy, and there was much more to the Confederacy than racism. The Confederate flag symbolizes a varied set of political ideas. Much like you can fly an American flag without supporting torture in Guantanamo, you can fly a Confederate flag without supporting racism.

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  • judith
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    3 years ago

    There are plenty of ignorant persons who will respond with lack of expertise, or emotion, to the question. That is real of any query involving the accomplice battle flag (no longer the "Stars and Bars", which was a utterly one-of-a-kind flag). The truth, though, is that the flag is most likely now not "racist". It's convenient to position a label like that on whatever at the present time. It can be just a time period that relatively has no which means, however is used to silence people who disagree with you. Read what Charles Dickens, Lord Acton, and others needed to say in regards to the conflict. It wasn't about slavery. It was about the right of self determination--the equal factor that the Colonials fought the revolutionary struggle over.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It is racist when it is flown by DemoKKKrats.

    For 100 years, the Republicans fought for the freedom and equality of blacks. Lincoln was a Republican, and he won the freedom from slavery for blacks. After the Civil War, Republicans enacted the Fourteenth Amendment to protect the rights of freed slaves. In 1957, Eisenhower sent the U.S. Army to Little Rock to force Democrat Governor Orval Fabus to desegregate the schools.

    All of the racist bigots became Democrats after the Civil War because Lincoln was a Republican. For 100 years, Democrats were the ones who lynched blacks and made laws against blacks. Democrats formed the KKK and established segregation. Democrats fillibustered and defeated Republican anti-lynching bills in 1922 and 1938. Democrats continued to fillibuster civil rights legislation throughout the 1960's.

    That's why most blacks were Republicans until the Democrats bought their votes with welfare in 1964.

    But even though the blacks switched parties in 1964, most racist bigots did not.

    How many pre-1964 southern racist Democrat bigots did NOT join the Republican party after 1964?

    Orval Fabus

    Benjamin Travis Laney

    John Stennis

    James Eastland

    Allen Ellender

    Russell Long

    John Sparkman

    John McClellan

    Richard Russell

    Herman Talmadge

    George Wallace

    Lester Maddox

    John Rarick

    Robert Byrd

    Al Gore, Sr.

    Bull Connor

    In fact, it seems that MOST of the Dixiecrats did NOT join the Republican party, even though many of them lived long past 1964.

    Only a very FEW of them switched to the GOP, such as Strom Thurmond and Mills Godwin.

    And as we all know by now, the LAST admitted former KKK member in Congress was DemoKKKrat Robert Byrd, a former KKK Kleagle, a recruiter who persuaded people to join the KKK. He fillibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    So where do we get this myth that "most" of the southern racist Democrats switched to the Republican party after 1964?

    Is it a myth?

    Or just another Democrat LIE?

  • 6 years ago

    no it isn't racist but i can tell you the flag you seen was the confederate battle flag because the real confederate flag is hardly ever seen

  • Murzy
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    8 years ago

    many people are offended by the confederate flag

  • 8 years ago

    Objects cannot be racist...but YES, the flag is a symbol of racist attitudes

  • Yoda
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    8 years ago

    It is a defunct flag that only hard core lunatics still fly. They lost and they should get over the fact.

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