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will a grizzly bear go down from a shotgun shot?

how many shots would it take to kill a grizzly bear using a 12 gauge shotgun?

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  • akluis
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    a 12 gauge using the same shot you'd go duck hunting with? Unless you stuck the barrel of the gun down the bear's mouth, he could probably shrug off those small pellets all day long.

    A 3 inch hard lead slug at max pressure, something like the Brenneke Black Magic? If you hit the bear in the vitals it should just take one or two.

  • 4 years ago

    I am a long time Alaskan huner, trapper, and sucessful brown bear hunter. Where I live - a 400lb brown bear/grizzly would be a two year old bear that is still hanging with it's mother or mom had just run off. When you move into brown bears worth shooting - you want at least an 8' bear - and you need at least a 10 foot bear (nose to tail) to both having the skull scored for a record book. People who hunt deer, elk, moose, cariobu in brown bear county will use a 30-06 or 300 Win Mag for bear 'protection'. People who hunt brown bears will use a 338 Win Mag or larger in Alaska. I have seen video of a bear on Kodiak hit 5 times with a 300Win Mag and it got up 4 times. My the brown bear hunts I have been on everyone used 338 Win Mags - all got one shot kills. But the rule of thumb when brown bear hunting is you keep shooting until it stops moving. Last thing you want to do is track a wounded brown bear into cover - because it could be the last thing you ever do. You want a stainless 338 Win Mag. This is NOT a gun to learn to shoot on. Take one of these to the range and you won't be firning off more than 10 rounds unless you have a shooting vest with a really high quality shoulder pad. Most brown bear hunters will bore sight the rifle, an fire off 5-7 rounds Saturday to sight it in, then check it with 5-7 rounds on Sunday. The guys you see who fire off a full box of ammo are the same guys you hear tell horror stories of not hitting the bear in the proper place......... because they developed a terminal case of flinch with the rifle. Bottom line. You need a small rilfe 223 or 243 to learn on. And a 338 for bears. Hope this helps. You can email me about brown bears

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    Grizzlies are tough and their skulls are very thick.


    When the Mountain Men (1800-1840) left the civilized world (St Louis) they discovered this continent was infested with Grizzly bears. They were everywhere. The Mountain Men had what today we would call a squirrel gun, and being a muzzle-loader, they only had one shot. They developed a technique for bears.

    The trick is to wait until the bear gets close enough to shoot it in the mouth. The shot would either go up into the brain or tear out the spine. If that didn't work, they had a tomahawk ;)

    So really, it's all about range. If a bear is rushing forward for an attack and I have a 12 gauge riot gun with 00Buck, I need to wait until it is close enough to where I can tear its face off. A grizzly could soak up quite a few deer slugs from the side, but if you can see its side, it is not heading toward you.

  • Irv S
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    Depends on how you're loaded and how well you place the shot.

    A slug or sabot will penetrate enough to kill, but grizzlies are large and tough,

    and don't 'go down' quickly.

    It is best to avoid encounters, or just back off slow when the bear 'threatens'.

    We're not on the list of what 'Mom' taught them to eat, so they usually

    won't carry through an attack if not 'challenged'.

    If you wound one that 'protection' disappears.

    Nuff said?

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  • 8 years ago

    A shotgun is actually not the best choice for big bears..... Loaded with slugs its an acceptable bear stopper, its better than nothing but not the smartest choice.....

    Look here at this technical article concerning shotguns and large animals......

  • 8 years ago

    More likely to run off if that surprised him and that shot never made it though the hide.

    For shotgun its slugs; 12 ga foster slugs. And it better be in the right place on that bear.

    Here in Alaska we sometimes shoot bears in the @ss with bird shot to run them off. But buckshot or large shot is just going to piss it off. They tend to run when sting in th rear. But when you put the hurt on them OH DO THEY GET PISSED!

  • august
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    8 years ago

    With anything other than slugs, you're just going to make Mr. Grizz mad.

    With slugs, one might do the job, or it might take ten. It all depends on the grizz. If he's especially angry, or especially large, it's likely going to take more to drop him.

    Your best bet is to simply avoid grizzly bears.

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe or maybe not. The myth of the shotgun as a magic weapon needs to stop. Nor are bear attacks a common event either.

  • Mr.357
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    8 years ago

    One through the vitals with a slug should slow him down sufficiently.

  • WC
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    8 years ago

    A couple of slugs will slow him down sufficiently for you to put the coup de grace to him.

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