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Which organelle is the most valuable in every single cell?

I am having a problem picking out which organelle is the most valuable. All organelles are actually important for the cell's life but there is one which is the most valuable.

Here's a list of the top four (4) organelles that I have considered to be the most valuable organelle and the conditions I have in mind regarding them.

(If the most valuable organelle that you have in mind is not on the list, please explain why you think it is the most valuable one.)

1.) Nucleus

The nucleus is said to be the processing unit for the cell's activities, but is not needed in some cells, such as red blood cells and prokaryotic cells.

2.) Mitochondria

The mitochondria is said to be the cell's powerhouse, or the organelle which produces most of the cell's supply of ATP. Yet, it is not found in all prokaryotes and are only found in most eukaryotic cells but not all.

3.) Ribosomes

Ribosomes are mainly the ones that translates messages transcribed from the DNA. But like the others, it is not found in every cell. It is found in every living cell that contains DNA, which excludes the red blood cells again for it not having any nucleus or DNA region.

4.) Plasma Membrane

The plasma or cell membrane is the organelle that acts as the cell's skin and provides it shape and protection from spilling all other organelles. It is found in all known cells, both prokayotic cells and eukaryotic cells.

So, which organelle is the most valuable? Please explain why you have chosen that organelle as the most valuable one. Thank you.

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    Cell membrane.

    Without that you don't even have a cell. The contents would just diffuse out into the environment and be lost.

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    I think that plasma/cell membrane is the most important part of a cell;because evolutionarily it was the first organelle to be synthesised .

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