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blahh asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

My dog is going to die soon ):?

My dog is 9 and is in really bad shape. He has artheritis and has terrible vision. He caught kennel cough two weeks ago. We've been giving him medicine for it. Since then he hasn't been eating normaly. Yesterday he threw for the second time in these two weeks. He began panting really loudly and drooling a lot. He also was having trouble walking. I couldn't take him to the vet since I was home alone and am only 16, I don't have a car. The only thing I did was pet him to help him calm down a little. The only conclusion I came up with was that he had a stroke or seizure. My family is going through financial problems and can't afford to take him to the vet for testing an medication. He was fine this morning, although he wasn't eating): But just right now he had difficulty walking and began panting and drooling again. He's laying on the floor belly flat because he can't get up ): It hurts me to see him in so much pain I'm crying as I type. I know these will be the last breaths he'll be taking): Since my family can't pay for medicine, we're going to put him to sleep ): My question is where am I suppose to take him? We went to a mobile vet for his vaccines and minor problems so I'm not sure where to go. My other question is how much does the euthinization and cremation cost in Southern California. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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    My dog died this morning on the way to the vet to have her put to sleep. They disposed of the remains for free since we had her in a little while ago to try to get her treatment. If you go to a clinic associated with a humane society they will usually do this for a very low cost.

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    Well it's sad, he can get better. They say some vet's actually sell the dog's remains, and it get's made into dog food. That is for some vet's, and brands like ol'roy. It suck's how you've had him for 9 years, and can't pay for his meds. That's pretty damn low, the poor guys life is gonna end, because your poor. You should have accepted this when you got him from a ByB, raise money for meds!

    Don't let the Vet put him down, unless you trust them to bury the remains.

    Would you want your dog buried by his owner's, or a vet?

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    4 years ago

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    Most vets will put down dogs. Your going to have to call some places to find out prices though. I'm really sorry about you dog, but mnever forget how he was such a good friend to you and know that putting him down is really the best thing for him. Stay strong

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    It is so sad to hear about your pet. At least your dog can die pain-free and with dignity.

    The SPCA can advise you on where to take your dog.

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