Which one should I buy: Video studio pro x5 or Corel VideoStudio Pro x4 Ultimate?

Hello, I have used the trial version of Corel Video studio prox4 and I like it. However, I was wondering what are the differences between Video Studio Pro x5 or Corel Video Studio Pro x4 Ultimate before determining which one I should buy. Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have Corel Video Studio X4 Ultimate. You get Borris Graffiti and Prodad Mercalli. The Graffiti thing is for creating titles ( haven't used it, the Mercalli thing is a video stabilizer (software plug-in for VS).

    I've never used another version of Video Studio but I absolutely hate X4. It mangles your video clips so bad, slow, jerky, some clips don't even play in the Timeline, other clips just freeze. Customer support is non-existent and the Corel forums are strictly user to user. You can actually talk to someone at Corel if you go to their facebook page, but that just tells you what kind of company they are.

    My advice, look elsewhere.

    PS, Corel's website still has the VS X4 + PSP X4 Ultimate bundle on their website. Likely still will until PSP comes out with X5.

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  • 8 years ago

    I used VSP X3 and then opted for X5 Ultimate and am glad I did. If you like X4 and like the extras you get with the Ultimate version, then buy it. (I can't remember what extras were offered with X4 Ultimate.) X4 already has much improved performance over X3 so I doubt you'd get that much better performance by opting for X5 over X4. I have Paint Shop Pro so being able to load pspimage files and animate their layers with X5 is good for me but, if you don't have PSP, then you don't need this feature.

    This comparison chart from Corel shows the differences between X3, X4 and X5. Give it a look and decide whether you can use the new features in X5 more than the extras provided by X4 Ultimate.


    The other thing I'm wondering is where you're getting a copy of VSP X4 Ultimate at this late date. Be sure it's a legitimate source so you don't get ripped off.

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