Auditioning for YG Entertainment?

I am interesting in auditioning for YG Entertainment not as a singer, but as an actress. I've looked all over the internet, but I can only find info for what is required of singers and even that info is very very scarce. So, does anyone know what it's like to audition to be an actor under YG, or how you even do it? Do they even audition actors? I know their worldwide auditions are only for singers, but does anyone know for sure if they aren't looking for actors? Also, can someone give me a step by step process of how to audition? I know the forms that you have to fill in, but where do you send it and what should you include? And how do you audition in person? I can't imagine you can just walk into the building unannounced and hope someone will see you. >>

On another note, does anyone have a guess for what the cut off age for auditioning would be? I know when you are a singer they generally want you to be young so they can train you for long and you're still young when you debut, but actors are usually a bit older than idol singers, plus they wouldn't have to train as much, right?

Last but not least, are there any other companies that you guys think are good for people wanting to act in Korea? I have heard that SM sometimes looks for actors, but they don't really seem like a good fit for me...

Thanks to anyone who can give me some info! It would be great to have all my questions finally answered. ^_^

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    I'm sure you do it the same way you would a singing audition. They didn't say they were looking for actors, so maybe you can email YGE. They should reply to you, as they've replied to me before. That would give you the best answer :)

    For the forms for the audition (note that I'm talking about the current worldwide singing audition, as I do not know if they're holding auditions for acting), you basically put in what you it asked of you. To audition in person, honestly, I would audition when auditions are being held -- not just whenever I wanted to. Like I had said before, emailing the people who work there is the best way to get the correct information. I would push for no older than twenty-one or so, just to be safe, since you still need to be a trainee before appearing on a stage or on camera. You don't want to wait too long to audition and already be past the age limit. Actors and actresses generally train just as long as singers do, so yes, they do have to train just as much. If you'd like to be well-known, I'd definitely suggest SM or JYP. Other than YG, they're the two most famous and highest profiting companies in Korea. Good luck with your audition! I'm sure you'll do great :)

    YG's emails: (Europe) (US, Canada)

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    valuable yet possibilities of having into are quite low.....foreigners generally do no longer quite comprehend how brutal being an idol is plus koreans could be quite racist. you're able to desire to be quite proficient and eye-catching with a minimum of consumer-friendly fluency in Korean to additionally be seen a threat. as quickly as I say consumer-friendly fluency, I mean like hardcore appropriate accessory and pronounciation and stuff. the only remote places lady i understand they needed can communicate korean completely and became a ultimate actor yet she did no longer prefer to be an idol because of the fact they legitimate haven't any lives.

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