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game on?

下述對話中的game on是什麼意思?謝謝.

AUBREY: Nathan says he spends about eight bucks. And his favorite thing on the menu, tacos with pork, called carnitas.

ACKERMAN: Once I tried the pork, I was like game on - this is what I'm getting. It's not like anything been able to create at my house. It's delicious.

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    game 有獵物的意思 放在餐桌上 就是我們說的野味 這裡是說他本身感到就好像是野味上桌 不可抗拒的美味

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    8 bucks for carnita taco ! Is this the Taco Bell version of 6-dollar burger of Carl's Jr ?

  • 9 years ago

    You must be kidding me - I have carnitas every week. Choptle has it on day one. It is very easy to make.

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