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Help I need to gain weight?

Ok so I'm underweight at 101lbs and almost 5'5..i don't think I have an eating disorder, but I used to be overweight but then I lost it due to exercise and healthy eating...and stress too. I'm not malnourished, blood tests were all okay but I have also just been diagnosed with thyroiditis, so I'm not quite sure how it's affecting my weight, but I'm on levothyroxine for now

I really want to gain weight and I'm eating high calorie foods like loads of nuts, meat, protein etc but im finding it hard to gain! The problem is I'm scared of getting fat again! :( for example I will be eating non stop the whole day then I will feel kinda scared and go for a Walk or some quick exercise to feel can I stop worrying?? Ive heard about disproportionate weight gain and I'm really scared!

Another thing that is really silly is that i hate it when i eat more thn others! Like when I'm with friends or family and I see how much more I eat compared to them, I feel like I have to eat less! How can I change this stupid mindset?

Btw I still eat wayyy more than 2000 calories a day, sometimes almost 3000, so I don't think I'm anorexic or anything. Im rly worried because my period hasn't come for 2 months..a nurse said it was normal because I'm a teen but is it because I'm underweight? Stress too? Or because of my thyroid problems? Will it come back?? And I'm almost 16, If that helps. Umm, also this is kinda embarrassing but my boobs have shrunk since I lost weight..will it become bigger again if I gain weight? Or will all the fat go to my stomach? :(

Im sorry about the long post here but I cant really talk about this to my parents cos they're rarely home to see how much i eat so they're all convinced that I have some kind of eating disorder since I don't seem to be gaining any weight..

Ps. to anyone here that knows about thyroid problems I know it's hard to gain weight when you have hyperthyroid but apparently I have hypOthyroid / thyroiditis so the doctor is puzzled as to why I lost weight while I had it..

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    Hey first you need to keep thinking that there is more to life than food,

    calories and looking skinny :) eat when your hungry stop when your full - u

    can't go wrong with that. Eat healthily and avoid high fatty foods and foods

    that are high in sugar as these give you a sugar high and after a while you

    start to feel miserable and have guiltily feelings about why you ate them in

    the first place! These is due to the hormones reacting to the food, try to avoid foods that will make you feel like this. Eat plenty of fruit, veg, salads, lean

    meats like chicken, fish and plenty of good sources of natural carbohydrate

    such as rice, brown bread, potatoes and corn. If you eat enough that your not

    hungry anymore you won't feel guilty :) as for looking at pictures of skinny

    models and celebs and wanting to look like them- that's normal, everyone

    feels like that ! The trick is to think positively about ur body and how healthy you are- that your not so skinny that people look at you and want to gag!

    Put on weight, be healthy, enjoying being healthy, look after your body and I

    promise you won't have these problems again :)

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    Sometimes people with hypothyroidism have trouble keeping on/ gaining weight. From everything I've read, there's no much you can do. I'm 14, 5'5 and 99 pounds. My period stopped, my depression got 10x worse, night sweats, constantly thirsty...I used to barely eat but now I eat over 2000 like you. The scale hasn't moved. My blood test came back with low thyroid hormone the other day so now I have to go back in for testing. Hopefully we will find the answers to our problems <3

    And yea I'm scared I'm gonna gain and be back at 133 pounds again -.- not heavy, but now I'm so used to looking like a little girl.....and my hair falls out :'( and I have no boobs...size 32A! That's the same size I was in 5th f*cking grade!

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    ALRIGHT MAN, I've been lifting bulking/cutting for about a year now and I got this **** down, I reccomend going on a bulk and eating a 3,000 calorie diet with lifting 2-3 days a week. I did this and I gained 30 lbs in like what 5 months? It took me awhile to really get the diet down. You really have to trick your mind physically and mentally your gonna build muscle and not fat. You will gain a little but its so easy to work off in 3-4 weeks. But eat dark chocolate, protein bars, protein drinks (3 a day), ANd eat a PB&J sandwich at night those carbohydrates turn to fat in the night and helps with your weight gain and muscle gains, Not all of it will turn to fat. Be sure your eatting every 3 hours a good meal/snack. Your welcome!

    Source(s): 3 years of lifting/knowledge. I was 100 lbs and 5'5, 14 years old. Now I'm 132 and 15 years of age.
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    If you happen to wan't to attain weight, and build muscle. You don't wan't to only over eat with junk meals. This may obviously makeyou fatter, and unhealthy. But when you wan't to achieve muscle you're going to ought to drink some excessive protein drink's, shakes, meals. Peanut Butter & Jelly I think can be a just right . The Peanut Butter will furnish you with Protein, at the same time the Jelly has lot's of excessive Fructose, and Sugars, to support put of the load. You can also wan't to determine out some low-cost CVS Pharmacy over-the-counter varieties of normal herb drugs to help support the muscle tissues. I can't suppose of any names of those types, but I do understand they exist, I've heard of men and women taking them, and had good outcome when taken typically.

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    Go to a dietician. They will help you gain in a healthy way

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    i was like that but i grew 4 inches and am only 125..imstill growing but im really skinny and i dont expect that to change until im fully grown

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