How do you alphabetize by last names using Mac Word?!?

I have a long list of names that go like this:

John Smith

Jane Doe

and I would like to figure out how to alphabetize the list using mac word and I have no idea how to! I know I have to press sort but I don't want it to sort by the first name, I want to sort it by the last name!! Please help! Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    In Word 2011: Select the list of names and choose Table > Sort...

    You'll be able to set the sorting priority to the n-th word of a line. The program will recognize a blank character (space) as the separator of words. If all names consist of only 2 words each, choose to 'Sort by: word 2' + 'Then by: word 1'.

    It gets a little more complicated if there are also names with more than 2 words in the list, e.g.

    John Jane Tiberius Doe

    John Doe

    then I would manually edit these names, e.g. replace the blank character between first, second, third name words with @@, then sort... Afterwards, use Search&Replace to remove the @@ again.

    If you also have last names consisting of 2 words, e.g.

    Maria Magdalena di Nazareth

    Use the @@ replacement for the first names, PLUS set 'Sort by Word 3' + 'Then by Word 2'

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