Lincoln VS Miller (mig welder)?

I just wanted to see your guys's input on Mig welders. right now we have a old miller 130, and its starting to get wore out, and its really ticking me off, well the ones at school are nice, and there Millers, and i also used my dads friends Lincoln and i love that, so what do you think would be the best welder, for any use, becuase at home here, we do anything. i wanna but a Lincoln for something different, but i was wondering what would be best? thanx guys!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    for welding around the house lincoln will do fine but for commerical applacations i would go with a miller and i am assuming you are talking about a mig welder if you are talking an arc welder lincoln will do just fine

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  • 9 years ago

    Lincoln has been out longer than miller,

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  • hellen
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    4 years ago

    Pull the trigger and zap a spot on the bottom clamp if it arcs then your work piece will not be getting a good ground,sand or grind a spot on the work piece and reground it there.

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