isn't panem supposed to north america?

in the tribute guide it says "There was once a place called North America. But droughts and fires, hurricanes and tornadoes, and encroaching seas took their toll. Brutal wars broke out as people fought for the few remaining resources. The earth was scarred and desolate, the people terrified and hopeless.

And because MOST people don't know this I cant find any maps of Panem that is in north america so could any of you help me find one that would be REALLY helpful. Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes Panem IS supposed to be North America, Suzanne Collins herself has said this. There aren't any "real" maps of Panem but there are a good few fan-made ones out there. This one here seems to be the best researched one, I had heard that the capitol was meant to be Denver before also:

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