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Is this personal note worth something?

I found this signed sheet of paper within my father in law's old stuff. The person who signed was Mike Wells, manager at "Werlein's for music", one of the oldest music publishing companies in america. The sheet of paper has the company´s letterhead and a stapled business card.

I found the note inside a copy of "Hammond Times" from Spring/Summer 1980

Is this worth something? I would hate to throw away something of historical/collectors value.

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  • Gerry
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    8 years ago
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    as with most other unique and interesting things it depends in part how much a person is willing to pay for it and how personal it may be to that person. This sounds like one of those interesting things we all come across that really will not likely have much value during the course of our life times but being held could in the future.

    In case I am incorrect here is a link for you to follow and maybe pose a question in this regard. Interesting history no doubt however on the company as a whole. If it wasn't for the Tennessee born and Union Admiral Farragut going up the Mississippi during the War Between the States P.P. Weirlein could have made a killing in $$$$ (Confederate dollars? Hmmm). Anyway, here is the link:

    Best of luck!


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