MCD v. PG 5 years from now...?

I definately want to buy one of the two. The past few weeks i've been focusing on PG but now i'm looking at MCD more. I like their dividend, i like their growth, revenue, still growing. Look at that 5 year price. It looks like it's going to go above $100 while PG doesn't move higher than a $68 mark. MCD is the bigger name, it's not going anywhere badly in 5-10 years. I'm thinking this for my IRA account in ameritrade not my regular accounts. So which of the 2 is the better long term 5+ year stock in your opinion


Is MCD a good buy now or will there be more falling in the next few weeks?

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  • Erik
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    9 years ago
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    nobody really knows what will happen over the next years/weeks.

    The odds are that both will keep paying dividends, and the stock price will probably be fairly stable (go up slowly) . Either of the 2 is a good, low risk long term investment.

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