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How can i convince my parents to let me get a Dirt bike?

Well im 15 and I have asked my parents for YEARS if i could get a drit bike... with all answers being a flatout "NO!" They wont let me get one because they are afraid i will get hurt, (i know, they are good parents) but i really want to expand my knowledge in recreational motor vehicles (Quads, Motorcycles etc.) just because i want to learn some of this stuff... I am always hearing stories from my dad about HIM having a dirt bike when he was younger and it is starting to make me a little upset because it is kind of a tease at what i would like to do... but that goes back to the reason they wont let me get one, they say "its too dangerous" and i do realize there are some risks that accompany riding any kind of motorcycle... TL:DR I just need some reasons why my parents should let me get a dirt bike and make them feel like i can be safe riding one...


And please, dont say "Get good grades" because i am an A/B student...

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    You have to appeal to their desires. First off, make sure the only reason they are saying no is because of their worry of your safety. Let's assume for now, though I doubt it, that it's the only reason. If you can find out more reasons, you can take a similar approach though.

    So, how can you convince them that you're responsible enough to keep yourself safe.

    Do your research. Find out what kind of bike you want, make sure it is a reasonable size (don't try to get a huge bike just for your ego), find out how much it will cost, and how you or they or both are going to pay for it.

    Where will you ride it? On streets with traffic? In the woods? On a dirt bike course? Tell your parents your plans. Research helmets and let them know you have one picked out that has a good rating. How about protective gear? Tell them you want to get a padded bike jacket to help protect yourself.

    Do you know how to ride? Doesn't matter. What matters is whether they think you know how to ride. Tell them how you are going to learn, who is going to teach you, and how they are going to teach you.

    Be thorough, and let them know you are serious about this. "I want it" is not a good reason. "I want it and here's why I think it will be ok...." is much more convincing. Don't whine, don't beg. Any objection they make, listen, and go back and figure out real solutions, and present them.

    This is big boy negotiation. But it ALWAYS works IF you can figure out the real reasons behind their objections :)

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    Dear De,

    Easy peasy. You just have to trick them.Here is an easy trick;

    1.Ask your parents if you could buy some sweets,strawberiesETC.

    2.Sneak out with a couple of hundred thousands.

    3.go to your local motorbike store.

    4.when you get back just hide it!

    Trust me I am a master of trickery!



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    The reason they are saying no to you no longer has to do with danger. It has to do with you argueing with them over it for years. Every time you go argue, whine, anything but listen to what they are saying and accepting it, you are making matters worse for yourself. Let it go, for about a year, and then try again without argueing.

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