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are there any auditions in sony music japan entertainment and avex entertainment japan?

hey... i have been searching in the internet for a while and i have found some sites that says that theres this audition in sony music entertainment called sony music international audition..the thing is i just dont know if they are still accepting applicants right now because some of the blogs i have seen about it dates back a few months or a year ago.. i tried searching it and this site came up i also tries scrolling into their site to find out more about it but the problem is i cant read japanese writing at all..please help me.... i would also appreciate if yoy would give me a few details about avex ent and if they have an audition right now..thanks so much!!=)

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    With the link you gave, it looks like that one may be an on going audition process. You should try to apply for that one and see how it goes.

    After looking into Avex, it doesn't appear that they do English language auditions, so you should consider learning Japanese if you wish to apply.

    Also you should probably start learning Japanese if you want to make a career there >.<;;

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