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Mini ruger 30 vs ak47?

Does the mini ruger 30 jam.. wich is better and why

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  • Keoni
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    8 years ago
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    With high quality, brass cased ammo, either gun will be perfectly reliable.

    It's when you start shooting the steel cased, hard primer, import ammo that the mini 30 starts to have problems.

    The AK on the other hand will easily consume any type of ammo you feed it.

    Both are comparably accurate and should give you approximately 3-4 moa groups.

    The magazines on the AK are also a lot less expensive than the Mini 30 mags. Typically you can find AK mags for around $10.

    As far as which is better, that;s a matter of opinion and personal preference.

    I own both of these rifles and they're both fine rifles to me.

    You'll have to handle and shoot both types of rifles to see and feel which is best for you.

    Source(s): NRA Life Member Since 1986 Certified Pistol Instructor Owner of Ak's and Mini 30's
  • august
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    8 years ago

    Any gun will malfunction if mistreated, even the vaunted AK series. Between the Ruger Mini-30 (It's not a "mini ruger 30," and it pains me to see you keep referring to it that way) and the AK, I'd much rather have the Mini-30. The one I shot was a fantastic and beautiful rifle, and I don't really want an ugly piece of Communist junk.

    The Mini-30 is going to be a bit more accurate than an AK, because the tolerances on the rifle are much closer. That means that it will be more likely to malfunction if you drag it through the mud, urinate on it, store it underwater, and make it wear a dress and sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb." So long as you treat the gun right, though, it will work correctly, and likely longer than you're alive.

    And stay away from the cheap steel-cased ammo. It's dirty and it isn't recommended for a piece of fine American hardware like the Mini-30.

    (And I'm sure some AK fan is going to give me grief, because they think I'm denigrating their pet rifle. I'm not. The AK is an excellent firearm for what it is- it's a 200 yard combat firearm that is designed to be very durable and work even when the idiot Commie kid or African dictator holding it doesn't know their own behind from a hole in the ground, much less how to properly maintain a firearm.)

  • BBean
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    8 years ago

    I don`t have a jam problem with the Mini-30 nor the AK-47,but I don`t shoot either one that much. I clean them good when I do and use only brass ammo.

    Which is better? The Mini-30 by far in my opinion. Sling a Mini over your shoulder at a gun show and you get many offers... sling an AK-47 and you get those looks like bikers get.(I have been the biker route and well familiar with those looks)

  • 8 years ago

    -They shoot the same round which you probably know already. And for a quality AK the prices are


    -AK was designed to put out a lot of lead, very quickly not very accurate yet they're accurate enough

    -Mini-30 was designed for plinking and large varminting

    If you're going to war take the AK, for anything else just pick the one that feels better when you hold it.

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  • 8 years ago

    do you really want 7.62x39mm?

    most of the cheap brass case imported surplus is drying up and becoming scarcer.

    American noncorrosive brass case ammo is $20+ for 20 rounds.

    that leaves you with cheap steelcase ammo. that ammo is usually bimatal jacketed(copper jacket over mild steel jacket over lead core) and steel cased instead of brass. usually imported, they use a dirtier than American made powder.

    because steel casings isn't as smooth as brass, it is usually lacquer or polymer coated as a chambering/loading lubricant. once heated, it tends to melt off a bit and gum up when combined with unburnt powder and gunk.

    this will jam up a Ruger "Mini" rifle as they are made for brass case ammo, and not cheap plinking ammo.

    an AKM or AK74, however was designed to use and function with steel or brass or whatever you want. in fact it will tend prefer the cheaper ammo.

  • 8 years ago

    ak 47 is legend for its reliability its a gun that keeps on going better than a mini ruger 30, plus the ak uses 7.62 ammo which is common and powerful

  • M'kay
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    8 years ago

    ak47, as long as your not talking about a wasr-10 pos. a real ak47 is a great weapon. the mini 30 is also very good. i just prefer the ak, now a m14 is a different story.

  • 8 years ago

    Are you looking for a rifle that jams better?

    Generally rifles do not jam. It's not until we forget to clean them after several hundred rounds, drop them in mud, or shoot really cheapo ammo you see jam issues with a rifle.

  • WC
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    8 years ago

    They both fire the 7.62 x 39 round, and both have a proven track record for reliability.

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