Please explain this chemistry concept. Acids and Bases?

I have a homework question and I have the answer in the back of the book, but i dont really understand it. can you please explain why and the reasoning behind this problem?

This is for gen chem 1. uni

1. Which of the following solutions is most basic

a. 0.6 M NH3

b. 0.150 M KOH

c. 0.100M Ba(OH)2


While i was trying to figure this problem out, i know that NH3 is the weakest base and KOH and BaOH2 are the strongest. so I thought that NH3 would be the most basic. but apparently i am wrong. the answer states word for word.

NH3(aq) is a weak base, while KOH and BaOH2are strong bases. NH3 aq is only slightly ionized, so even (a) 0.6M is less basic than (b) .150 M KOH. BaOH2 has twice as many OH- per pole as KOH. So (c) 0.100 M BaOH2 is more basic than 0.150 M KOH which is (b). The most basic solution is (c) 0.100 M Ba OH2

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    A base is like a burglar that likes to steal protons. Some burglars are better at stealing than others. The better the base is at "stealing" the stronger the base is.

    NH3 is not as good as stealing, a pretty weak burglar if you ask me. Both KOH and Ba(OH)2 have OH- ions. OH- ion is a pretty strong base.

    When comparing Ba(OH)2 and KOH you need to look at concentration. A solution is more basic when it has a higher concentration of base, kind of like how a bad neighborhood is worse when you have a higher concentration of burglars.

    KOH has 0.15M concentration of OH-

    Ba(OH)2 has 0.1 x 2 = 0.2 M concentration of OH- ions. Ba(OH)2 is more basic.

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    c. 0.100M Ba(OH)2 is the most basic substance cause the 'OH' increases the basic value of a particular solution

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    There is a LOT of bullS@#$T like this in chem..No wonder so many people fail. Don't think of basic as "simplest"...Think highest PH is most basic.... or caustic if you prefer.

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