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In nutrition, the word essential means:?

a. necessary for good health and proper functioning of the body

b. a necessary nutrient that can be obtained only from the diet

c. that the body can manufacture the nutrient from raw material

d. compounds the body can make for itself

Much of the nutrition information found in the internet is fiction



Heart disease deaths have falen substantially and the number of overweight people had declined based on evaluation of the nations progress towards achieving national health objectives



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    High consumption of tofu has been linked with dementia in older age groups in more than one study, whereas in younger and middle-age age groups it might actually protect the brain. It has been stressed that there is no evidence that eating tofu in moderation can cause any problems, and that further research is needed to confirm both the negative as well as the positive effects.


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    The first part is badly worded: it means that your body can't make it, you must get it from dietary sources and without it you die.

    The second part is true: most health information on the internet IS false.

    Third part? Nope, we are fatter and unhealthier than ever.

    Source(s): Healthy People 2010
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    Essential means that the body needs it very much and we must get it from our diet. For example the protein foods are the amino acids. The body makes some but cannot make the others that are essential to good health so we need to ingest these in our diets. Not all foods ingested contain all the essential amino acids. Raw, organic tofu is one food that contains all the essential amino acids.

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