Need Info On Starting a Private Duty Home Care Business in Mississippi?

I met a person who has been working as a CNA (certified nurse's assistant) in the homes Medicaid patients for 13 years. Her clients include the mentally ill, elderly, and cerebral palsy. The person now wants to start their own business and accept Medicaid and Medicare (if possible). They have contacted the Department of Medicaid in Mississippi but no one needs to know anything. They were given a 300 page packet on how to build and start an assisted living home which is not what they are looking to do. We are looking for information specific to the state of Mississippi. Would this business be regulated by the Department of Human Services in Mississippi also?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am not from Mississippi but familiar with Medicare which is federal when looking at becoming certified. To be certified through CMS (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid), the home care business would have to be a licensed home health agency. If you thought the 300 page packet was can only guess how much hoops and paperwork you would need to get certified through CMS. Even before the certification process, the home health agency has to be licensed with the state. So unless one has a lot of money through a corporation or they won Power Ball and can wait a year or so before seeing if they can get certified through is more than likely not a feasible business venture for one person to tackle. CMS requires certified home health agencies to have nurses on staff, home health aides, social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist....and they have a lot of other requirements as well. Typically, your licensed and certified home health agencies are working with patients discharged from the hospital to home or discharged from the nursing home to home who need therapy, nursing services, home health aide services, etc. Medicare covers a specific time-frame, and of course it requires a physician's order.

    The Mississipi Department of Health regulates and licenses home health agencies, to include the following:

    "The Division of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification is the Mississippi regulatory agency responsible for licensing hospitals, nursing homes, personal care homes, home health agencies, ambulatory surgical facilities, birthing centers, abortion facilities, and hospices. The division also certifies health care facilities for participation in the Medicare and/or Medicaid programs. Because the division requires health facilities to comply with state and federal standards, the level of care being delivered is continually upgraded, and patients and residents are protected from abuse and neglect.",0,83.html

    Where some may get confused unfamiliar with all of the different entities involved is that while the Department of Health may "license" these is a different process in getting approval for Medicaid funding. Typically, one must get licensed first.....then apply for Medicaid approval. Two different entities handle that.

    Standards for Operating Home Health Agencies in Mississippi:

    Non-medical private duty home care is not required to be licensed in Mississippi.

    To make it even more muddier.......there are licensed home health agencies who also provide private duty services and who have contracts with Medicaid.

    In looking at the Department of Medicaid in Mississippi website there are a lot of programs that fall under this umbrella.

    What she needs to do is going to the above medicaid link and read about the elder and independent living waiver to figure out what she is wanting to do in her business. And as long as it may be, she will need to read up on the Home and Community provider manual 65 - HCBS-Elderly and Disabled Waiver to see exactly what is needed.

    It is better to read the information online first, then call with questions. At least the state staff who answer the phone knows which office or unit to transfer your call to if they don't work in that area. Medicaid is a big umbrella with several programs under it, so even their staff would not know all of the ins and out of a program they don't work with. What your friend is probably looking for is to be self employed and to be able to get a contract to provide homemaker services through Medicaid for those Home and Community programs.


    CMS Regulations and Guidance:

    Source(s): health care regulatory experience in a different state
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