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What does this Spanish sentence mean in English? " Su amigo no ha traido lo que necesita?

And what does traido mean and what verb is it from?

and this sentence too: Ella va a tener que armar la tienda de campana

and what does the word ha mean?

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    There are a couple verbs for "To Have" one is possessive...I have a car and the other is Haber, so if you mean you Have to do something tomorrow then "He de ir al Banco Manana"

    That said I have heard and use the possessive term Tengo que ir al Bano.

    HA is used when you and your friend are talking about a 3 rd person and what he has do do at some point in the future. As I recall Haber is an Irregular verb an needs to be studied.

    Traido is the past tense for Bring "Brought" Traer is the verb.

    To your question...Your friend has`nt brought what she/he needs

    Ella va a tener que armar la tienda de Campana

    I am not too sure about this translation but my Mexican friend and I used to watch a show on TV Azteca witch was almost identical to the "Gong Show" If the contestant bombed then the Gong was smacked..

    She is going to have to arm her store with a Bell ? Campana may have other meanings but I know it only as a Bell As in "La Campana de Libertad " The Liberty Bell " Ciao

    I sure hope this is Not homework! I live very close to a Church y los Campanas de la Iglesia estan sonado a las cinco por la manana todo los domingos. lol

    Thanks for the question , it brought back some fond memories

    I bought a Myna Bird at a Pet store in the 70s and the store had a bell on the door and a telephone that my bird could ring and imitate the phone ringing and it was unreal.

    For Mr Clarke 50% of the time Google translats Castillian Spanish and are very poor with Mexican dialects as you will find out.

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    try google translator

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