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? asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 9 years ago

Another serious case of cannibalism in Miami, Florida?

I was going to start the rest of my question with another phrase, but looking at the blackened, dirty feet of the homeless man two yards away from me, I can't help but to say "May God help us!". Mostly because this person is a human being but though his back is turned to me it gives me the impression that he must feel like an animal, or that others might just seen him that way. But while it breaks my heart to see humans in this condition, it also makes me wonder what else could be done (if indeed the authorities are doing enough....

I've strayed from my original question, but since it has to do coincidentally with the homeless population and this man is just sitting there (increasingly making hissing and other strange sounds!), it makes me think of what could simply tick him off and attack us. Yesterday one homeless man who seems completely harmless enough, was simply asked to leave the restaurant.

I am typing and at the same time keeping an eye on him since he is so completely restless. It doesn't help much the two news articles I just read and from which I include two links:

First time (and only time) I heard this on the radio was very early this morning and was wondering why I didn't see anything when I went online today to see Miami Herald. It must have been reported yesterday I suppose. Still I searched for the articles to see if the radio commentator was not exaggerating.

I must say that I have seen this exact same look in at least two men in the past few days, neither of which was homeless by the way. One leaves in my building. And the other was crossing in front of the bldg. as I stepped out.

Jesus Christ, why are the authorities the last to know everything always?!!!

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  • AJ
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    9 years ago
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    Yes, it seems to be an epidemic. There was a story recently on this guy as well who cut himself wit ha knife in the stomach and then threw his intestines at the cops when they came in to arrest him. The "Night of the Living Dead" is about to become reality. Board up your doors and windows and keep the dog inside, at least for now.

  • 9 years ago

    I saw a few stories about this on HLN news these guys people were on that stupid drug using bath salts it needs to be banned and quick

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