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How do I get in shape over the summer?

I weigh 130 plus pounds and I'm 13 years old. But the 130 pounds is mostly fat. By fall when school starts again, I want to have lost some fat and gained some muscle. Every day I play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) on difficult, and it is difficult, I sweat my butt off every time. I also go to the pool and swim 24 laps every other day. But I haven't seen any results. Should I keep doing what I'm doing, or should I add something on? Please give me some fat loss tips, thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    First of all...good for you for working out and taking charge of your health. I am sure you are a beautiful person.

    How's your diet?

    Are you eating enough protein? Are you eating a lot of empty carbs like pastries....? How's your sugar intake?

    Sometimes the scale doesn't change but our bodies do. Try taking measurements. I had lost 13 inches off of my body....but only 10 lbs on the scale.

    Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat.

    Keep a food journal - it will hold you accountable. Look up online how many calories you should eat based on your age, height, weight, and activity level.

    Hope this helps sweetie and best wishes.

  • 9 years ago

    When I was your age I was about 20 to 30 percent body fat and I didn't like being scrawny so one day I got devoted first I started running then I started getting into lifting weights and I ran everyday and I lifted weights everyday and I went from being a little unathletic shrimp in 7th grade to a first year track star in my freshman year now I'm 6 percent body fat and I'm talked about by all the coaches! In your case run long distances like a mile at a time run it as fast as you can every time the results may be slow for you or they may happen fast for me Running is in my genes so it came a little easier for me! But the best advice is be devoted if you don't stick with it you will fail 100 percent of the time oh and once you've lost the fat you wanted to start lifting weights but not heavy weight light weights with high reps because it will stunt your growth if you lift to much! Hope this helped!

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