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Jack asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 8 years ago

Is corruption inevitable? What can be done about it?

We all know that the US government is corrupt. One could even argue to say that it's maybe the most corrupt western country.

But is corruption inevitable? All countries have it. But the true problem with corruption is when it gets to the people at the top.

I mean most people probably say to themselves that if they were a politician, a senator or even a president that they could not be bought. But is that really true? Is everyone corrupt? Would you say no to millions every year by Wall Street for maybe passing a law that is favorable to them?

What could be done about it?

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    8 years ago
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    Corruption is inevitable, however, we as a people have the capability and the responsibility to recognize and resolve these issues. America has very corrupt aspects because of the amount of money that can be had. For instance, Senators and House Representatives have the ability to buy stock and invest in corporations and industries that they are directly involved in through legislative power. This is obviously wrong. However a few months ago, the Senate passed a bill to stop this sort of insider trading, and it passed with like 30 extra votes. So that is good, that is a big change. However, Citizens United is a major step backwards. Oil companies having the right to fund elected officials who have power in direct relation to them is also very wrong. This type of stuff, this corruption and desire for wealth, is inevitable. We the people, as a democratic nation, are the ones who must hold them accountable and cannot accept the unscrupulous corruption.

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