Where can I get a HID light kit for a 2006 Jeep Liberty?

I'm looking to get a HID light kit for my 2006 Liberty. I want lights that are white or light blue and I'm looking to replace both the headlamps and the fog lamps. I've tried looking online but I haven't been able to find fog lamps that match the headlamps (I want them to be the exact same color). Where should I look?

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    you can get one almost anywhere these days, craigslist, ebay, amazon, and specialty websites. the only thing you need to be aware of is cheap chinese knock offs. a good kit will cost anywhere between $80 and $150 but you can still get a decent kit anymore from $40 - $80.

    if you want white color then i recommend around 5000k-6500k temperature.

    if you want more light blue to blue then i recommend around 8000k temperature.

    you will learn more about the kelvin scale the more you look up the hid kits. basically, the higher the number, the darker the bulb will output but that means the less light will be emitted also, 5000k is optimum light.

    your jeep will require a 9007 hid bulb kit since that is that your factory harness is. also, if you want to keep high beams, you will need to purchase a bixenon hid kit. since your jeep uses one bulb as a high and low beam, the hid kit will have to do the same. the bixenon kit will have one bulb that is lifted up and down depending on if you click high or low on the lever inside. the downside is that the high beam output wont be as great since the bixenon kits, or any hid kit for that matter, are made for your regular halogen headlight housings. meaning all the chrome reflectors inside your jeep headlight weren't meant to deflect the high intense light beam of an hid system so you will be glaring at other drivers.

    your fog light will either be an h3 or 9145 bulb, so just by the hid kit accordingly for that. you will need 2 kits if you want headlights and fog hids. each kit will always consists of 2 bulbs and ballasts.

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    The 2006 4-door Jeep Liberty is a compact SUV offered in 3 trim ranges: sport, Renegade, and constrained. because of the fact the liberty became slated for a clean technology in 2007, no longer many adjustments have been made in this variety year. the large information became the addition of a turbodiesel engine, a 4-cylinder gasoline-saver that Jeep says provides you the torque of a V8. This flow made Jeep Liberty the only motor vehicle in its type to furnish a diesel engine. It replaced the 4-cylinder gasoline engine until now offered on the liberty and became made accessible for the 4 wheel tension variations of the sport and constrained trims.

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    I Googled what you were looking for and came up with the following website you might want to check out if you have not already: http://www.blindinghid.com/jeep-hid-kits/

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    try this, hope its what your looking for

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