X Box Live question, please help?

Hi there, my son has an x box 360 and I have promised him an x box live 12 month gold subscription. I am just about to buy it online and just need to check if thats all i'll be paying (other than my broadband, which I already have). Don't want to get stung for more money down the line. Also do I need any other hardware other than a headset which he has?

Many thanks for your help, I only dust the console I have no idea about it!

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    8 years ago
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    For a start, dont pay any attention to what John Celeste said, thats such a stupid answer i really can't believe i just read it (btw John it would 24x365 = 8760 hours, not 288 which would be 12 days not 12 months) . You are just buying a 12 month subscription, you buy the card (or buy it direct through Microsoft who will activate it to the GamerTag you link to your account) and you can play LIVE as much as you want for that 12 Months, it has nothing whatsoever to do with hours or play time, its just 12 Months of pure gaming.

    The only other costs that you may incur from playing online are those imposed by the Game itself through Online Passes etc, but if you buy games brand new then you get the online pass included anyway, its just if you buy pre-owned games that you need to buy an online pass and not all games have them. Xx

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    I would suggest buying the card rather than listing a credit card or you may end up being charged for things or auto renewing, also make sure you have a wireless router, and an ethernet cable or wireless adapter if he has the older xbox, other than that you should be all set.

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    You won't need anything more BUT it is better to buy a subscription card and redeem it, that way the card isn't linked to the system and he won't accidentally(or on purpose) buy anything AND the subscription won't automatically renew itself.

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    If he has an Xbox slim then no he won't need anything else beacuse that has bult I'm wifi buy if he has the old Xbox you have to have a wifi at home

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes that is all you will need to play games online.

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