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Energy for a sustainable future -Solar Heating?

Distinguish between active and passive solar heating in buildings.

Briefly describe ONE example of the use of each of the above types of

solar heating in domestic dwellings.

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    Active solar heating includes the installation of electricity generating solar panels and parabolic mirrors to provide heat for the building. Passive solar heating involves the installation of sky lights, thermal windows, and triple pane doors. Most of the people in New York have already done this and they are very happy.

    For domestic dwellings, the parabolic mirror has cornered the market. Parabolic mirrors can actually cook all sorts of tasty meals including: pancakes, bacon, eggs, hog jowls, corn porn, hush puppies, grits and gravy, candied samples, and long john bratwursts.

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    Solar energy is sunstainable and renewable energy in the future.Solar heating can provide all the hot water to you house and realise your comfortable life.

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    Active solar water heating in building need a booster pump,through booster pump to supply water to the water tank.The position of the water tank is free.

    Passive solar water heating dont need booster pump,it supply water by the pressure of tap water.The posotion of water tank must be higher than collector.

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    A passive solar heating system would be using the greenhouse effect plus convection on a trombe wall.

    Take the same system, add duct work, fans to blow the warm air and motors to power the fans and you have an active system.

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