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急!請問 英文的計量單位? a ... of ....


 EX. a loaf of bread 一條麵包

等等等等.... 的單位,( 英+中 )

可以順便幫我舉例嗎??! 謝謝 :)


抱歉 我沒辦法一個一個查字典,

所以可以幫我翻譯成中文嗎? :)

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    A glass of waterA glass of milkA bottle of wineA cup of teaA bag of flourA bar of soapA pair of socksA pair of pantsA pair of glovesA pair of shoesA pair of scissorsA loaf of breadA slice of meat

    2012-06-06 05:43:55 補充:

    A piece of paper

    A piece of furniture

    A piece of cake

    A barrel of oil

    two stems of roses

    two heads of cattle

    2012-06-07 11:37:54 補充:

    A glass of water 一杯水

    A glass of milk 一杯牛奶

    A bottle of wine 一瓶酒

    A cup of tea一杯茶

    A bag of flour一袋麵粉

    A bar of soap一塊肥皂

    A pair of socks一雙襪子

    A pair of pants一條褲子

    A pair of gloves一雙手套

    A pair of shoes一雙鞋

    A pair of scissors一把剪刀

    A loaf of bread一條麵包

    A slice of meat一片肉

    2012-06-07 11:38:59 補充:

    A piece of paper一張紙

    A piece of furniture一件家具

    A piece of cake一片蛋糕

    A barrel of oil 一桶油

    two stems of roses二支玫瑰花

    two heads of cattle二頭牛

    2012-06-07 11:41:31 補充:

    a piece of lazy bone 一塊懶骨頭

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    A bunch of fools.

  • 8 years ago

    a bow of chickensoup 一碗雞湯

    a can of lemonade 一罐檸檬水

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    How about "a pack of wolves"?

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  • 8 years ago

    A school of fish

    A herd of cows

  • 8 years ago

    let me give you some rare ones:

    A company of actors

    A host of angels

    A troupe of dancers

    A board of directors

    A gang of labourers

    2012-06-06 09:52:32 補充:

    A bevy of ladies (girls)

    A bench of magistrates

    A crew of sailors

    2012-06-06 09:52:43 補充:

    A horde of savages

    An army (troop, battalion, regiment) of soldiers

    A choir of singers

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