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What is China's trends ?

Chinas trends of democracy/freedom ?

Chinas military,religion, and international relationships ?

Help please

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    China isnt democratic, but neither is the west. The difference here is that China does not try to pretend to be democratic, whereas the west does. The west will give you a bunch of crappy choices for politicians and then tell you to choose one. That isnt a real democracy. Real democracies represent the interests of the people, whereas western regimes generally do not. Capitalism and democracy dont go well with each other. A real democracy is sure to threaten the corporations that run most western regimes. In 1949, most Chinese people supported the communist party. Even though the kmt kidnapped young boys off the street, and forced people to fight in their army, the communists still won the war, with kmt frequently defecting to the other side. In fact, the majority of communist soldiers were ex kmt who defected. How many brits would fight for the labour party, or conservative party? Not many, because most brits know that neither labour, nor conservative represents the interests of the people. This trend can be seen across the western world. Most swiss dont even vote, because they have so little confidence in their corrupted political system. China is far more free than any western country i know of. You can drink alcohol on the street in China, while you cannot in america. 14 year olds can ride motorcycles, actually, they are electric bikes made by merida. If you look at the incarceration rates for the world, you will notice that all english speaking countries have a higher prison population than China. You are 6 times more likely to end up in prison in the usa, than you are in China. There is something about anglophones and wanting to throw people in prison. anglo countries are so fascist, that they used to ship its prisoners to foreign countries. Can you imagine China doing this? I cannot. Chinese bus drivers can decorate their buses however they want. for example, a woman can put flowers, and posters up in her bus if she wants. She can also put in cd's and play whatever music she wants. No western regime allows this. Chinese women fill job roles that are off limits to western women, indicating more gender equality, particularly high % of female bus, and taxi drivers. Chinese can also sell dvd's, corn, sweet potatos, or socks on the sidewalk. try this in a western country and youll get arressted. Chinese can download all the movies they want off the internet. Little kids would get arrested in countries like britain, and usa, for downloading movies, or songs. There is a maniacal sherif in arizona, usa that forces prisoners to live in tents in the desert heat exceeding 40 degrees; humiliates them by forcing them to wear pink underwear; denies women the right to an abortion, even though the women are unable to take care of the children. Instead, he forces incompetent women to have children, leaving these children vulnerable after birth. The more religious, the less free. Considering that most of China is atheist, i would say that they are pretty free. you can't be free, and yet have some religion telling you what to do, and how to think. China's military has gotten soft over the years. They mostly engage is peace keeping, rather than kicking down peoples doors in the middle of the night as most u.s/nato troops do. China does not have a military industrial complex, and therefore does not thrive on war mongering. However, they do like to keep up to date with their military technology in case the u.s, or its allies tries to invade China. The Chinese military likes to keep ready. So far, they only have 1 aircraft carrier. As far as international relationships go, countries are so attracted to China, that the u.s regime often has to overthrow leaders that get too friendly to China. A few countries that have had their leaders overthrown due to their good relations with China include thailand, japan, Sudan, and Libya. China bases its relations with other countries on mutual respect, and economic development, rather than military aggression as the usa, and european union often do. 70 million Chinese died because the west imposed sanctions, and embargoes on China, not allowing food and medical supplies to get in. The west uses this same technique to kill people in Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. When millions of people die due to sanctions, western countries often try to blame someone other than themselves. Comparing the numbers of people who died in vietnam due to u.s aggression, and the sino-viet war, reveals the Chinese killed 10,000, according to vietnamese sources. Compare that with the u.s led aggression in viet nam, where u.s invaders killed no less than 1.6-4million million people, according to western sources.

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    None of these picks is correct. Complete aspect productivity is the most important aspect. Even as China's populace is developing rapid, it is the amount of capital and technology that each worker has access to that's fairly propelling China forward. It started when China mechanized agriculture, releasing thousands of humans to move to the commercial sector.

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    Everything China is not exactly as what you see from the Newspaper or internet. If you have chance, you should go to China to enjoy the nice life here. Many nice cute village in countryside. So nice and warm

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    1) Not interested in promoting democracy or human rights, despite the use of both terms in their Constitution.

    2) Military build up is well underway, with a 50+% increase in military spending over the past few years.

    3) Religious intolerance abounds. Only religions who are willing to alter their beliefs to declare that the CCP is the "one true god" are allowed to practice freely.

    4) Continues to threaten the sovereign territory of surrounding countries.

    @DFASF - If the CCP had such a loyal following throughout China in 1949, then why did Mao and his cronies have to kill off some 70 million Chinese once they secured power? Great Leap Forward? Cultural Revolution? Red Guards? Chinese diaspora? Invading Tibet? Slaughtering Vietnamese in 1979?

    Source(s): WNL
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    most of the people live hard,their wage is about 3000 CNY(500$) per month,but price of commodities is expensive,the fast food is at least 10CNY(1.6$),the House Price is terrible,it's almost 20000CNY(3300$) per square meter in the big city,lots of people can not be married,because poor condition.THERE is not democry in China,over 90% people dont know what is vote right,they Live like slaves,and also over 80% offices are corruption,most of lord really rich from the corruption,a village lead have over 100 million CNY(20million$) asset.There is not human rights in China,peoples who say sometings bad to the lords benefit Will be sentenced guilty.In a Word,most of people Live like sheep or slaves,lords are like the King.

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    You'll never know if you never been to China, ive been there for few months and i love it

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    i'm a Chinese girl from GuangDong.

    what you asked is really complicated. and can not be clearly in a sentence.

    welcome you to our China at any time! you may learn more on the truth. O(∩_∩)O~

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    China is a communist country

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    go to china, and you will see.

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    It's a little complicated

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